Black Friday

Guess how many emails I got about Black Friday deals this week. One.

It was from a women’s wellness centre who’s vibe I really align with and who I intentionally continue to follow. I have long since unsubscribed from any other retail emails and it’s so freeing!

Now I’m not saying don’t shop. I’m saying don’t shop for things you don’t really need or that weren’t already clearly on your list before you saw them in the flyer /email / store.

If a purchase meets that criteria, then by all means take advantage of the great deals to be had!! I’m all about saving money.

For example, there IS one thing I’ll definitely be shopping for this weekend and that is a new stove. Our current one is almost 20 years old and has taken to randomly shutting off when I’m half-way through baking something. It’s a tad inconvenient and therefore a very necessary buy.

But Laura, you ask, what will I do with my time if I don’t partake in the mass frenzy of consumerism?!?

Well, you could …

  • Read a good book with your favorite cup of tea or coffee.
  • Write your letters to Santa with the kids.
  • Cross that thing off your list that’s been nagging at you for the last month (or three).
  • Bundle up and go for a nice long walk.
  • Get started on your next passion project.
  • Reflect on all the things you’re grateful for from 2019, and everything you’re looking forward to in 2020.
  • Maybe even get a jump start on your resolutions – why wait for January?

Wishing you all a beautiful UNbusy Black Friday.



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  1. Love the black Friday post. I so agree! Haven’t been out to it in years. (Or boxing day). The Hallmark movies love love love them. Great message for women and just a plain good old feel good movie to lift the spirits! Awesome Laura!

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