What I love about Hallmark’s Christmas movies

This has very little to do with anything else I write about, but I felt compelled to share.

Can I just say I love the W Network and Hallmark for playing around the clock Christmas movies from now until December 25 in what they call their “Countdown to Christmas”? It’s a genius idea and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it! (Yes I’m one of those who starts playing Christmas music shortly after Halloween passes. Sue me.)

Don’t get me wrong – these movies are incredibly corny and almost all follow the same premise. Boy meets girl and they hesitatingly fall in love in the context of solving some sort of difficulty, set of course, in the lead up to Christmas. Then the culminating scene where they give in and share a climactic kiss and all is well in the world. So much cheese. I know.

BUT, the romance and holiday cheer aren’t what I love about them most, though they come in a pretty close second and third.

Nope. What I love most is that almost every single film features a BAD-ASS BOSS-WOMAN as the main character. Seriously, the leading lady is always some variation on a doctor, lawyer, corporate professional, motivational speaker or business owner. She’s killing it all on her own. She’s not a damsel in distress. She doesn’t need to be rescued. Simply put, the romance is an unexpected, not unwelcome, but generally unnecessary bonus to her already thriving existence. And the feminist in me loves it!

Say what you want about Hallmark being a consumerist company who’s goal is to sell you eight dollar pieces of soon-to-be recycled card paper and drive excessive gift giving for every holiday under the sun (which I realize is ironically very anti-minimalist). But IMO here’s one area where they’ve got it right.

Seriously, if you love a good dose of predictably corny Christmas spirit and you’ve got a subtle or not-so-subtle feminist streak in you, you need to tune in to the Countdown to Christmas.

*Disclaimer – neither Hallmark nor the W Network have sponsored this post. I wish! LOL

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