Introvert mammas … I see you

My original plan for this week was to write about fixed versus growth mindset, but when it got down to it I just wasn’t feeling it. So we’re saving that for a later date.

Instead, I’m going to ramble about something that’s been on my mind recently.

Last night I went to bed too late. Rory was down before seven and the hubs was working nights so I really didn’t have an excuse, other than I finally had some glorious uninterrupted hours to myself.

I remember being a preteen watching my own mom yawn during the day and telling her that if she was tired she should just go to bed earlier or sleep in longer. You see, she would always get up before the rest of us to enjoy her morning coffee in peace and then usually have a bath before bed, even if it was late by the time she got there.

I didn’t get it then. But I do now.

It’s such a battle between turning in early for some much-needed shut-eye and enjoying some peace and quiet and ME time.

In my pre-motherhood days, I did a lot of reading, journaling, and planning and I took a lot of baths. These were my recharge activities.

As most introverts can probably attest to, I need at least semi-regular alone time to feel like I’m thriving. And for now, while nap times remain short and are usually occupied by everyday household tasks, these evening hours are my best opportunity.

At the same time though, I could spend all the time in the world happily filling out my planner for the week, but if I don’t get enough sleep to actually have the energy to follow through, it’s all for naught.

So it’s a fine balance.

In fact, at face value, motherhood and introversion appear to fall on opposite sides of the scale.

Introverts tend to like quiet. Motherhood is quintessentially noisy. (Whoever invented battery-operated toys was clearly an extrovert!)

Introverts tend to crave personal space. Babies and toddlers often feel like an extra appendage of mom’s own body.

Introverts need time to think and process. Kiddos utter the word “mom” approximately every 3.2 seconds.

I’m certainly not the first person to grapple with the seemingly opposed worlds of introversion and motherhood. Erica Layne, who I’ve mentioned before, has some wonderful content around this topic if you feel like delving further.

Being new to this whole mom thing, I don’t yet have any sage advice of my own to offer, other than just to say, to my fellow introverted mammas … I see you. The struggle is real.

In solidarity …



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