Lessons from 2020

After a long hiatus from blogging I’m feeling motivated to get back at it. My life has changed a little, and not just because of the pandemic. I now have a three-week-old (see cuteness overload above), so naturally I have a lot more time on my hands to write :P.

And while prepping for baby and maternity leave through the summer and fall may have kept me from ever finishing a post, there were more than a few instances where I found myself reflecting on things I’d like to write about. One of those recurring thoughts was how the pandemic has, in many ways, involuntarily forced us towards simplicity.

With everything basically shut down, there were no weddings or summer concerts to attend, no big get-togethers or other plans to work around, and decidedly fewer errands to run or think about. What was left was time to spend with our immediate families. Dare I say, to just BE and enjoy.

Dan and I were fortunate enough to get a fair amount of (socially distanced) time at the cottage and camping. And it reminded me just have few things we really need in our day to day lives.

In both of these circumstances, cell service was spotty, if at all existent. We packed a few clothes, some food, some simple entertainment (fishing gear for hubby, a book or puzzle for me) and away we went. The days were slow-paced and passed together with close family, enjoying our morning coffee, soaking up some nature, swimming to cool off, chatting, laughing, grilling, bonfires, etc.

Come time for our little munchkin to make her entrance, the hospital still had restrictions in place for visitors. Only one support person (my husband) was allowed in. And while grandparents and close family would have loved to come meet her ASAP, the rules provided us some much needed quiet time as a family to rest and recuperate.

Likewise since we’ve been back home. Limiting visitors has allowed us to settle in and find our groove. And to really relish some of those precious newborn snuggles that are gone so fast!

In short, 2020 hasn’t been what any of us expected or planned for, especially for the bookend to a decade. But while it’s been so hard in so many ways, perhaps there have been some hidden blessings underneath it all.

Namely, a reminder of how little we truly need, and how the people in our lives are so much more important than the material things will ever be. And finally, that a pause from our normally hectic days, and a little more white space in our calendars, might sometimes be just what the doctor ordered.



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  1. So very well said Laura. 2020 has certainly shown us where are priorities should be. We can definitely do without all the material things but family cannot be replaced. 💞

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