Checking in: How did I do on my 2019 list?

Well, the new year is upon us, as is my 31st birthday, so I thought what better time to check in with all of you about how I did on my list!

If you’re new around here, or you don’t recall, at the beginning of 2019 I wrote a list of 30 things to do in my 30th year! Some items were big, some small, some just for fun. To be honest, I haven’t really revisited it since, so this will be as interesting for me as for you!

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

  1. Host a dinner party / barbecue – um, not exactly but I did host our office Christmas party so I’m counting that as a yes!
  2. Have a picnic – not that I can recall, so I guess that’s a nope
  3. Watch the sunrise – yes! In Mexico from our oceanside patio – BREATHTAKING. If my pale skin didn’t hate the sun so much I swear I’d move South!
  4. Start a family – still working on this one! Come on ovaries …
  5. Visit a new city – went to NYC with my sister in January!
  6. Go to a concert – saw Thomas Rhett in Ottawa with my hubs
  7. See another musical – blew this one out of the water! Saw all of the following: Wicked, Come From Away (twice), Dear Evan Hansen, and The Book of Mormon and loved them all!
  8. Travel to a new country – was hoping to do Ireland but the timing didn’t work out – another year
  9. See a drive-in movie – it was raining and gross but we did it anyway – double feature of The Lion King (classic) and Good Boys (funny!)
  10. Stop picking my face / skin – ugh, why is this so hard?! Have managed it temporarily for short stints but not yet able to completely ditch the habit. 2020? lol
  11. Try making my own cleaning products – gave up on this one, good intentions but not a priority overall
  12. Make commemorative photo books for past trips and occasions – likewise to above
  13. Reduce my waste, namely plastic – I tried! I got reusable produce bags for grocery shopping, opted for tupperware I already own over ziploc baggies and in general tried to be conscious of single-use plastics
  14. Attend an inspiring conference – Yes! The Canadian Women in Medicine Conference. Loved it. Such an inspiring group of women. Have already registered again for 2020!
  15. Get a snake plant – still on the list …
  16. Read 12 books (minimum one a month) – barely, but yes! Currently working on my 2020 reading list – stay tuned for a separate post about this to come!
  17. Go on a mini weekend away with my hubby, stay at an Airbnb – yes! We planned to visit the Toronto Christmas Market (among other things) and of course, it rained all weekend! But we made the best of it 🙂
  18. Grow my own herbs (and ACTUALLY eat / cook with them) – yes! I moved them out of my raised bed into separate pots / planters that I kept on the back deck. I found I was much more likely to snip some off when they were just outside the door than across the yard. I also dried some that were left at the end of the season!
  19. Learn a new song on the piano and perfect it – nope
  20. Swim in the ocean – yes, again, in Mexico
  21. Buy myself flowers for no reason – I think I did? Honestly, I can’t remember, haha!
  22. Get a massage – yes, at the resort in Mexico (clearly Mexico was good to me, lol). But I need to do this more often, not just on vacation!
  23. Make a habit of charging my phone outside of the bedroom at night – I lapsed a few times but for the most part yes.
  24. Get in 100 meditation sessions on my Calm App – just revisited my log and I did 156 sessions – looking to top that this year!
  25. Clean out my filing cabinet – like the cleaning products and photo books, this one just fell off the priority list. Also – boring right?!
  26. Wash all the windows in my home – yes, finally. (Thanks to my wonderful mother and grandma for the help!)
  27. Try goat yoga – DONE AND DONE! (see photo evidence above)
  28. Make a donation to a cause I connect with – yep! Local charities Fixed Fur Life and Heart of Hastings Hospice.
  29. Make my own iced coffee – yep!
  30. Cultivate a gratitude practice – have been up and down on this one. I’ve learned it truly is a PRACTICE. Easy to fall away from but so worthwhile to keep coming back to.

As much as I love planning for the year ahead, and in general that fresh start feeling that comes with the new year, I think it’s also super important to reflect back.

How was this past year for you? What went well? What didn’t? Was your time spent on things that align with your values? What did you finish or accomplish? What wins can you celebrate? What did you learn?

I’d love to hear about it!

Happy New Year friends. Here’s to an amazing year (and decade) ahead!



4 Replies to “Checking in: How did I do on my 2019 list?”

  1. I have gotten much better at saying no to things that I dont want in my house and buying stuff from friends that I dont really want. Thanks Laura

  2. Ive never made a list of things to accomplish, or resolutions..I’m just not a “go getter” (unless its go get in bed to sleep!) so I wouldn’t follow through. In relation to your list thought, I’ve read so many books, probably close to 20, I make my own cleaner (pretty easy, actually!), I’ve seen many sunrises, in the winter, while trying to wrestle the kids into the car in the morning 😴

  3. I hear you on a couple of these – number 4 and 19 resonate with me. Book recommendation – the baby matrix by Laura Carroll.

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